Medicare Advantage Plan networks and Cost plan exits

Medicare Advantage Plan networks and Cost plan exits

Many of us are familiar with the term “Networks”.

In Minnesota there are a few Medicare insurance plans that have networks that are a concern for us.

In 2019 Medicare Cost plans will be exiting from over 360,000 Medicare recipients and over 160,000 in the Twin Cities alone. This means we will be faced with “assigned networks,” meaning not all doctors and hospital stays will be covered by your Medicare insurance plan. And if you are out of network you may be responsible for all or most of the costs.

This will be very important! If you use a doctor or clinic that is covered now, that same doctor or clinic may be out of network for you in 2019. You need to check with your Medicare insurance broker to choose the best plan for your needs, and to find out if your preferred doctor or clinic will be in your new Medicare Insurance plan’s network.

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